Despite working on three other murals in the past, I’ve never truly had an experience quite like the Andrews Avenue Memory Mural. Every single part of this project has been something truly enriching, from spending our Friday nights projecting sketches onto the wall, or simply making memories and sharing laughter with one another. I have found the process of painting in such a large scale very therapeutic at times, even if some days are a little more sweaty than others!

I believe something highly motivating about this mural is how personal it is to not only us students but to residents of Youngstown who share the memories and depictions throughout our design with us. I’m very happy to be working on something that holds so much gravity and sentimental value to so many people, and that will become a lasting landmark as well. 

Improvising some sketches in areas was something that I thought would be a difficult challenge for me, but it didn’t take as much time as I thought it would, and I enjoyed the process. With my motifs scattered throughout the wall in a great number of places, I hope that things are able to be finished in a timely manner. As we continue the lengthy process of painting, I cannot wait to see the project finished, and what that will look like!